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Kyrgyzstan occupies now 10th place among the largest producers of a potato in the world counting per capita of population, and on the volume of annual consumption of a potato – more per capita, this country concedes to Belarus for 150 kg more.

Kyrgyzstan is located in the heart of Asia along an ancient Silk way. Potato, possibly, came to Kyrgyzstan for the first time in 19th century. Though conditions of this highlands are, first of all, suitable for pasturing, but this new agricultural crop has really blossomed in a climate of northern mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and today inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan with a praise respond about a potato, as about «the second bread»of their country.

Since 1992 the output production of the potato has increased almost 4 times – from 360 000 tons to record 1,36 million tons in 2009.

“Kyrgyzcentreproduct” carries out supply of 2 types of potato, "Neva" and "Picasso" in unlimited volumes. Packaging is in mesh bags.

“Kyrgyzcentreproduct” carries out supply of onions in unlimited volumes. According to GOST 1723 – 86, grade Dutch is the extra quality. Packaging is in mesh bags. Caliber 5 +

“Kyrgyzcentreproduct” carries out supply of Carrots in unlimited volumes. Packaging is in synthetic bags.

The shipment is to be made by motor trucks or rail transport.

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The prices are negotiable depending on requested quantities and terms of delivery.

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